To create a new AOI, draw a boundary around it using the Polygon or Rectangle tools, or select one from the set of pre-defined AOIs.

Drawing an Area of Interest (AOI)

  1. Click or tap the My Areas of Interest blade to expand it. AOIs you have already created will be listed here.
  2. Select Explore a New Area.
  3. Select one of the AOI drawing tools. You can draw any shape with the polygon tool. You can draw a box with the rectangle tool.
  4. Click or tap points around your boundary. Click or tap your first point to close the boundary.

Pre-Defined AOIs

If you would like to monitor an entire county, state, or watershed*, you can select it from our pre-defined AOIs rather than draw it.

  1. Select the Pre-Defined Areas button.
  2. Select a state.
  3. Select a county or a watershed, if desired.
  4. Click the Explore button.

*Currently, only watersheds for West Virginia are available.

Editing an AOI

If you would like to change a boundary of a polygon or rectangle AOI:

  1. Select Edit Shape.
  2. Click and drag any of the points to a new location.
  3. Once you are happy with the boundary, click Save Changes.

Note that you can’t change the shape of pre-defined AOIs.

Saving an AOI

To save an AOI so you can view it later:

  1. Select Save this Area.
  2. Give you AOI a name.
  3. Select Save.

Planet Imagery

You can view Planet imagery for any saved AOI:

  1. Click or tap Planet Satellite Imagery. (Imagery may take some time to load.)
  2. A list of available daily images displays. [The “eye” icon will turn to grey and crossed out.]
  3. Hover over an image to find out about cloud cover, usable data, resolution and scene type.
  4. Click on a satellite image to select it.
  5. You can also click on the monthly mosaic buttons at the bottom of the map view.

Note: When viewing Planet imagery, a given satellite image may not cover your entire AOI. If this is the case, try viewing a monthly mosaic image.

Annotate Map

The Annotate Map feature is not yet available. Look for it in early 2019.

Share Map View

The Share Map View feature is not yet available. Look for it in early 2019.