• NRC Reports
    Frequency: Weekly, every Tuesday

    The National Response Center (NRC) serves as an emergency call center that fields initial reports for pollution and railroad incidents, and forwards that information to appropriate federal/state agencies for response.

    Note: If a report is made to the NRC that does not include geo-coding (i.e., an exact address or latitude/longitude), it cannot be displayed on the map. Reports that only include a zip code or are expressed as “near Main St.” are also not specific enough to be displayed.

  • Permits
    Frequency: Daily [CHECK]

    States: Pennsylvania and Colorado

    Denotes drilling permits for Oil & Gas wells.

  • Permit Violations
    Frequency: [???]

    Permit violations are available from the Pennsylvania DEP.

  • SPUD
    Frequency: [???]

    States: Pennsylvania

    A SPUD Data Report is reported by the operator to the Oil & Gas inspector for the County when drilling of an Oil & Gas well commences. The operator is required to report this information 24 hours prior to the start of drilling a well. The operator is not allowed to begin drilling until the permit has been issued to the operator and a paper copy is at the well site.